Code Layout Generator

NOTE: This generator is only for layout purposes. The codes on the sheets are dummy codes that link to This is a tool designed to allow users to generate their own layouts for whatever sticker sheets they have easy access to.

Please note down the variables that you use so that you can use them again in future

For information on what the variables change please see this picture

Tips: In order to save sticker sheets try printing out on plain paper and holding them up against the sticker sheets to see if they will align. You can also download the pdf and make it the same size on your screen as the A4 page and then hold the sticker sheet against your screen

When printing make sure you disable 'fit to page' or any other automatic scaling. To print correctly the pdf needs to be printed at 100% scale

Page size
Number of Columns
Number of Rows
Code Size
Top Margin
Left Margin
Horizontal Gap
Vertical Gap